Laura Morelli’s Authentic Arts series

I’m excited to announce a new series of city and regional guides for travelers who want to bring home the best of Italy and France in their suitcases!

Laura Morelli’s Authentic Arts is for travelers who seek immersive cultural experiences that go beyond the museums and souvenir shops. My goal is to help you become an educated buyer–maybe even a connoisseur–of Florentine leather, ceramics of the Amalfi Coast, Parisian hats, Venetian glass, or handmade quilts of Provence.

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Laura Morelli's Authentic Arts series

“I want to share my passion for the history and cultural context of the objects you see in local museums and shops when you travel. My Authentic Arts guides are designed to help you efficiently discern the treasures from the trash, and guide you to high-quality resources that will enhance your experience of traveling and shopping abroad.”

–Laura Morelli

Each destination includes:
  • A guidebook available in paperback and ebook formats, designed to arm you with all the information you need to appreciate a city’s most traditional arts, and come home with a treasure
  •  An ebook companion with updated artisan listings to ensure the best experience for you as a traveling shopper
Learn more:

Laura Morelli's Authentic Arts: Venice  Laura Morelli's Authentic Arts: Florence  Laura Morelli's Authentic Arts: Naples & the Amalfi Coast  AA_Tuscany-Umbria_120214-v3  Laura Morelli's Authentic Arts: Sicily  AA_Sardinia_120214-v6  Laura Morelli's Authentic Arts: Provence


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