Made in Italy

A Shopper’s Guide to Italy’s Best Artisanal Traditions from Murano Glass to Ceramics, Jewelry, Leather Goods and More (Universe (an imprint of Rizzoli New York);  2nd edition, 2008; 1st edition, 2003)

Made in Italy book cover Delicious to read and artfully photographed…as appealing as the beautiful Italian products that it so enticingly describes.
–Traditional Home

Full of historical information, advice on avoiding scams, and ways to pack it all up to take home…
House & Garden Magazine

Offers travelers a complete guide of what to buy where when in Italy.
–“Leather-Bound Edition,” CNN Radio

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Richly painted maiolica ceramics from Tuscany. Supple Florentine leather. The cameos of Torre del Greco, carved from sea shells. Parmigiano-Reggiano, the king of cheeses. Jaw-dropping glass from the island of Murano. The sweet and tart liqueur, limoncello, made from the giant lemons of Sorrento. Each year, millions of travelers flock to Italy in search of rich Old World cultural traditions and handmade crafts. Laura Morelli’s indispensable guide to shopping for Italy’s unique artisanal treasures is back, completely revised and updated for a brand-new second edition.

Organized by region, MADE IN ITALY takes the reader on a complete tour of the dazzling artisanal legacy of Italy, uncovering one-of-a-kind hidden workshops and off-the-beaten-path streets, like Palermo’s via Bambinai, or “street of the doll makers,” a Venetian antiquarian bookstore whose owner trained with teh monks of San Giorgio di Novalesa, and the home of the official consortium of producers of prosciutto di Parma. This fantastic new edition also includes tips for locating the most authentic shops and goods in the ever-changing tourist destinations of Rome, Florence, Naples, and Venice.

Slender enough to fit in a handbag, packed with useful tips on pricing, quality, and value, and with an updated annual calendar of craft festivals, MADE IN ITALY is the perfect guide for everyone interested in bringing home the unique traditions of Italy.

A Shopper’s Guide to Italy’s Best Artisanal Traditions from Murano Glass to Ceramics, Jewelry, Leather Goods and More
Universe (an imprint of Rizzoli New York)
2nd edition, 2008; 1st edition, 2003
ISBN 978-0-7893-1699-8

Laura Morelli's 5 Things to Bring Home from Venice

6 thoughts on “Made in Italy

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    • Hi Stephanie,
      Many thanks for passing along the updated information! Many of the shops and artisans listed currently in Made in Italy are multigenerational enterprises that have been in business sometimes for hundreds of years. However, inevitably, businesses relocate or close. I appreciate your help!

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